Wednesday, June 3, 2015

International Eats - London: Truscott Arms

Since I was a kid I have loved fried fish and chips. Maybe it was the crispy fried goodness of the batter or perhaps the accompanying tartar sauce, who knows?! But I always ordered it when my family and I went to Big Boy (a Michigan diner-type chain.)

With London being famous for fish and chips, I made it my mission to find a restaurant that serves it gluten free. While Yelping one night, my friend and I both came across Truscott Arms on our own... Almost at the exact same time. We read reviews and it seemed like this was the place to go if you wanted the best gluten free fish and chips or bangers and mash in London. I was super excited! 

Truscott Arms is located just north of Notting Hill in a quaint little neighborhood off of the Warwick Avenue stop. (Yes, I couldn't get the Duffy song out of my head!) When I say this area is quaint, I mean it. We took a long-cut down a cobblestone street of little houses with adorable colorful doors. It seemed like a great area to live in. 

We opted to sit at the bar to eat. After a few (too many) cocktails we ordered our meals. Most menu items were gluten free but of course I had fish and chips. Christiana had bangers and mash - which in America is sausage and mashed potatoes. :) 

We both shared bites of each other's meal. The bangers and mash were very good. The sausage was juicy and tender and potatoes melted in your mouth. 

However - it didn't compare to the amazing fish and chips!! The piece of fish was quite large and covered in delicious fried cornmeal batter. Every single bite made a loud crunch. It was served over a green pea mash with tartar sauce on the side. There was not a drop of anything left when I finished eating. It was definitely a meal I would travel for! 

When we first sat down I noticed a flourless chocolate cake sitting on a cake tray on the bar. Naturally I planned to have a slice after my meal. :) Despite the mass amount of fried fish I already consumed, I found room for the cake! It was very moist and chocolatey. Totally worth the extra calories! 

If you're looking for delicious authentic English food - gluten free or not - take a trip to Truscott Arms. You won't be disappointed! 

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