Friday, July 10, 2015

The Leftover Miracle Pasta

*This post brought to you in Flashback Friday form.*

Back in March, I spent an entire Sunday in bed - perhaps the amount of cocktails I consumed the night before had something to do with that but a lady never reveals her secrets. ;) By 5 pm, I was starving. Carbs. Needed. So. Badly!!

I mustered up the strength to make it to the fridge and found a pile of veggies about to spoil. I didnt have any sauce but thankfully I had tomatoes and red peppers in the pile and knew exactly what to do. 

I roughly chopped up my tomatoes, red pepper, three frozen garlic cubes (thank you Trader Joes!) and an onion and tossed it in a saute pan over medium heat to start breaking down. I wanted these veggies to soften into a rustic sauce-like texture. While that was cooking, I diced a yellow and green squash into cube, a few carrots and some celery. 

I wanted a bit more than just veggies so I pulled out two frozen TJ's turkey burger patties and cooked them in another pan. They cook so quickly from their frozen state and break apart relatively easy as they heat up. The perfect addition to this nearly effortless dinner!

When all elements were cooked through and my fave brown rice and quinoa noodles were cooked, I tossed the meat into the veggies and topped with my delicious make-shift sauce. 

After a heavy helping of Parmesan, I was happily back in bed stuffing my face! 

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