Friday, February 11, 2011

The Perfect Valentine Treat

I absolutely love baking, as you can tell, and was thrilled to see a slew of Valentine themed desserts on Annie's Eats blog. While cupcakes are my specialty, I wanted to branch out and try something new and absolutely fell in love with her Red Velvet Whoppie Pie Recipe!

What is not to love about little red heart shaped cupcake-like cookies? They were incredibly soft and perfectly sweet. I could have eaten a dozen! Since I obviously could not, I brought them to co-workers fell in love with them. (Even though Valentine's Day is over, I would still suggest baking these! Just make them round instead.)

For the recipe, check out Annie's Eats blog post. Her photos are much better and I ran into issues when piping my hearts because I did not have a large enough tip. Really... check out her blog post. You'll understand. ;)

Here are some of my photos.

Recipe Courtesy of Annie's Eats.

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