Tuesday, September 21, 2010

ICE Cooking Class # 2

Back in July, I took a second cooking class at the Institute of Culinary Education called Signature Dishes from Great American Steakhouses. I was joined by my friend Gina, who also shares my passion for cooking (and whose husband is also a chef!) We both received gift certificates for ICE a while back and couldn't decide whether we wanted to take a baking class or cooking class. After sharing stories of steak dinners gone bad, we realized this was the class for us!

Our class was four hours, beginning with a very useful lecture. We spent the following two hours cooking, then spent the last hour stuffing our faces. :) I don't want to spoil the class since I would highly advise others taking this, but to give you a brief recap: our packet of recipes contained recipes used in steakhouses like Peter Luger's, Ruth Chris' Steak House and various other well named restaurants. To cook, we split into three groups, each preparing a main dish and two sides, or in my groups case, dessert. Gina, myself and our team prepared skirt steak in red wine mojo with a orange mango salsa, parmesan broccoli raab and Baked Alaskan. (Which, by the way, is the craziest dessert I have ever seen.)

All of the recipes were great and we had a lot of fun preparing everything and watching everyone else at work. Obviously, I can't give these recipes away, but I can say that they are all delicious and I've already prepared a few since. Enjoy the photos!

Gina and I posing in our Chef's gear ;)

All of the food prepared by our class

Our Skirt Steak with Red Wine Mojo

Our Broccoli Raab, on the right

The Baked Alaskan...being baked! :)

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