Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Here Fishy Fishy....

With summer coming to a close my taste buds have been craving the last bites of the season. Growing up, my dad spent summer days taking us kids to various lakes and state parks to soak up the sun and relax (and so he could go fishing!) I remember countless times that we had spent hours at the lake only to leave with left over minnows but there were always a few great days when we caught loads of fish!

And loads of fish meant one thing: FISH FRY!! Nothing tastes better than fresh trout battered and fried. Yum! Naturally, living in the city makes "going fishing" completely out of the question so Trader Joe's has to be the next best thing.

After scanning the isles, I settled on tilapia fillets. I've done a few fish recipes over the last few years and was ready for something other than oven baked so I did a little research on pan frying. It seemed simple enough. After seasoning my fillets with salt and pepper, I coated them in flour, shook off the excess and placed them in an oiled, heated frying pan. They were cooked through after 5 minutes on each side. 

I served the fish with asparagus and mushroom quinoa. It was a great combination. The fish was tender and delicious. It was definitely a great reminder of growing up. :)

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