Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Restaurant Review: The Egg Shop

It should be surprise by now that I have a little obsession with eggs. The most commonly used grocery staple is popping up on top of dishes all over the city for breakfast, lunch and dinner but let's be honest, the tried and true best use of eggs is during breakfast. Long are the days I can pop into a deli and order a bacon, egg and cheese so when given the opportunity I jump at the chance to order one.

The Egg Shop is a not so secret gem in SoHo with 1-2 hour waits every weekend. My first attempt to eat there was a fail, having come from spin class with no chance of waiting over an hour without fainting. This time I got it right. My friend and I swung in to put our name on the list then went next door for Nutella and Banana covered gluten free but loaf. Mmm mm. 60 minutes and one cocktail l later it was time for Egg Shop! :)

The restaurant holds only about 30-35 guests and the kitchen is basically the size of mine... With 5 guys whipping of dishes left and right. 

I knew right away I was ordering a bacon, egg and cheese and made a last minute game time decision to add avocado to go along with their tomato pepper jam. They served it on a toasted gluten free English muffin.  It was damn good!! The egg arrived already cracked and running down the sandwich. I tossed caution to the wind and picked the hot mess of a sandwich right up and started stuff my face. (Judge away. If you barely got the chance to indulge you'd do the same!) 

Every bite was delicious. Runey yolk, smoky bacon, creamy avocado and the perfect little kick of tomatoe pepper jam. I could die a happy girl eating that every day. 

To go with my B.E.C. I ordered the strangest looking blue vodka drink, complete with egg whites. I wasn't a huge fan but that's ok... My Sammy more than made up for it. And you can mark my words... I will be a new frequent guest of Egg Shop!! 

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