Monday, May 4, 2015

Veggie and Egg Pizzas!

I'm always looking for quick and healthy yet equally delicious dinners during the week. I've been on a big veggie kick lately so I do all my prep work on Sunday's then make different meals using the veggies throughout the week.

Last week I opted for super easy pizza using corn tortillas. To make a sauce, I sautéed 1/4 onion with half of a red pepper and two plum tomatoes. Once fully softened I put the mixture on the tortilla. Next, I sautéed chopped zucchini, eggplant, spinach and broccoli until tender and put them on top of my make-shift sauce. Next I sprinkled on a little cheese and tossed the pizza in the microwave for one minute. (Could I have baked this so it was crunchy, yea. But that defeats he purpose of a quick meal.) ;) 

My last step is the best step. I fried one egg and placed it top. I LOVEEEE when the yolk cracks, running down the mound of veggies adding the perfect creamy mix to each bite. 

Trust me, you definitely need to make this one night! You can literally use and veggies you have: kale, mushrooms, carrots, corn, etc. So good! 

I've also made a version using asparagus and tons of red pepper instead of broccoli and eggplant. Super delicious!

Yes, I ate both of these. Oink oink. 

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