Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Steak... in a hurry

Steak is always a nice treat and lately, my local grocery store has been selling it for the right price. You can't go wrong with a London Broil for only $1.99 a pound, right? The one thing I have learned from my recent steak endeavours is that the London Broil is a pretty tough cut of meat. I've really only been able to cook it to perfection once. It's kind of upsetting, but what can you do?

Tonight, I didn't want to bother waiting for the grill to heat up so I decided to cook it on my grill pan. I cut thin strips of steak and threw it in the pan with some butter. (Butter? You might be saying? Yes... this is a little trick I learned from preparing Hobo steak in my cooking class last month.) So in it went with some salt, pepper, onion and garlic powder. I cooked the strips until they were medium, then threw in diced red onion, continuing to cook until the onion was tender. To round out my meal, I lazy baked some potatoes (i.e. microwave) and threw them in with the meat.

The photo definitely does not do this meal justice. It was very tasty and created very little mess for me to clean up! ;)

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