Monday, July 8, 2013

Quinoa with Red Peper and Onion

Since this summer has been sweltering hot cooking at my apartment (with no AC) has been out of the question! Thankfully, my lovely boyfriend has central air so I've spent a very large chunk of my time over there. :) One thing that an apartment shared by three guys lacks is proper kitchen gear so many nights I do my best to whip up something easy.

Tonight was no problem at all! A few nights ago, I made our FAVORITE salad so I had left over red peppers and onions. I tossed those in a pan with some oil and cooked until they were tender. Meanwhile, I boiled quinoa, which has a two to one water ratio. Once finished, I tossed the peppers and onions in with the quinoa then topped it with some salt, black pepper and Parmesan. Boom! That's one fast meal.

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