Thursday, October 17, 2013

Restaurant Review: S'MAC

 The opportunity to write a restaurant review is very exciting for me.  And for obvious reasons...there aren't a ton of truly gluten free options out there. Sure, I can get a salad and burger without a bun almost anywhere but mac and cheese? That's rare.

But not at S'MAC, short for Sarita' Macaroni and Cheese. S'MAC caters to the gluten free but also offer options for the regular pasta eating folks. I had my first S'MAC taste several years before my diagnosis and loved it. I've been meaning to go back but just hadn't gotten around to it. Thankfully, S'MAC teamed up with Groupon and offered a great deal for two medium macs (also called major munch) and two drinks. It was destiny.

My boyfriend and I stopped by their Murray Hill location after work tonight. I couldn't make up my mind. Every menu option was available gluten free. From meaty cheeseburger mac to cajun or buffalo chicken. I was going to take a lighter caprese route but opted for the bacon and ordered their Apline instead: slab bacon covered in Gruyere. mmm mm

I have to say - it was absolutely amazing. Every cheesy bite was better than the one before. And the top was covered in the perfect layer of crispy crunchy cheese and served piping hot in an adorable cast iron skillet.

The major munch was so big that I had to take it to go in two containers which I can't even complain about because who wouldn't want delicious Mac two days in a row!? I definitely would have been satisfied with their "nosh" version aka small...but again: leftovers - amazing!!

I would give S'MAC a five star rating! Whether your gluten free or just love plain old Mac and cheese, this is the spot for you!

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