Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Putting my Cooking Class to Work

If you read my post about the cooking class I took in April, you'll recall that I learned how to make vinaigrette from scratched...and loved every minute of it. I have a bag full of frozen strawberries in my freezer from Costco so I figured I might as well try making a strawberry vinaigrette.

There isn't much to making this and you can't really using measurements so here is what I did: I thawed about 6 berries and threw them in a blender (or food processor, but I don't have one.) I added a little red wine vinegar then a decent amount of olive oil. Blended it until smooth and added a little bit of pepper.

I gave it a taste and found it to be too vinegary for my liking so a added more oil. The end result was a bit frothy so I'm not 100% sure if I did this correctly, but it tasted REALLY good over fresh baby spinach. I'm looking forward to trying this again with other berries.

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