Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Gluten Free French Toast

My all time favorite meal...the meal I would request on my last day on Earth is my moms French Toast. It's seriously the best ever!!! Since having Celiac, she had made some great gluten free toast for me so when she visited in the winter I wanted to return the favor... Well kind of.

She was late to the game in discovering she carries the same gluten allergy so I was pumped to stock my cupboards with gluten free treats for us. I grabbed my fave chips, crackers, bread and tried Udy's gfree bagels. 

We made bagels on her first morning in town. She has had them before and tried to warn me that one bagel was too much to eat... She was right. I was stuffed! So the next morning I decided to turn the super fluffy, overly filling bagels into French toast.

I cut one and a half bagels in to big chunks, soaked them in a mix of egg and milk with sugar and cinnamon then tossed them in a preheated greeased sauté pan. After a few minutes and tossed of the pan it was perfect. Next, I sauted one apple in butter for some sweetness then served it with the French toast. We topped the toast with a little maple syrup and powdered sugar. It was perfect!! Sweet, gooey goodness! I would highly recommend this over using regular gluten free bread!

Shaky camera work... my apologies!!

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