Saturday, March 28, 2015

What's In Your Lunch Box!?

Lunch in NYC is one of those meals that quickly drains your bank account. A salad Monday, Chipolte on Tuesday, soup on Wednesday and so on. Before you know it you've spent $50 plus on just lunch, never mind dinner and happy hour.  I make it a point to bring my lunch almost every day. Having a gluten allergy makes it really hard to find affordable food so it just makes my life easier. The only pain is lugging around to-go containers. 

A few months ago I found the most amazing and cute collapsible lunch container. It's the bomb! It literally collapses and fits right in my purse and is pretty light weight. 

When it was time for lunch today I popped the lid off and literally smiled. Look how good that food looks!! Colorful, heathy and every component to my meal had its own place. Nerd alert, I know.  But I'm a foodie so it's a normal occurrence. 

Today in my lunch box I packed a super yummy spinach saad with lentils, sweet potato, beets and walnuts. Instead of dressing I dipped my fork in hummus   For dessert: grapes! Delicious and dorky but I don't care!

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