Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Restaurant Review: Friedman's Gluten Free Brunch

Last year Friedman's opened a second location in the city right around the corner from my office. Their original location is in Meatpacking. I hadn't even been before learning of their new location but was so excited to have actual gluten free options within steps of my office.

I have to be fully honest with you, I've been several times and ordered gluten free food... then felt sick afterward. It happened almost every time. Very disappointing. Why did I return? Because I prayed that it wasn't their food making me sick... But it was. 

Despite feeling sick afterward, I loved their gluten free fried chicken and waffles on their brunch menu. The chicken was super crunchy and the waffle was perfectly fluffy. Being sick afterward, not so fun! 

Diners be ware. Not everything is as great as it may seem. If you have an allergy like I do, don't bother. If you're eating gluten free just because, you'll be pleased. 

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