Friday, October 30, 2009

Blame it on the rain!

New York was drenched with rain this week. It was annoying, cold and depressing. To brighten up my mood I channelled my inner summer self and decided to make the perfect summer-in-the-fall meal!

A Tomato, mozzarella and basil pesto sandwich on fresh Italian bread with summer chickpea salad to boot! As Rachel Ray would say, "Yummo!"

Summer Chickpea Salad Recipe:
1 1lb can of chickpeas
14 grape tomatoes (more/less depending on preference)
1.5 tbsp's of finely chopped red onions
6 leaves of cilantro
1/2 extra virgin olive oil (evoo)

Combine ingredients in a medium size bowl. Serve chilled.

Sandwich Recipe:
1 large loaf of fresh Italian bread
1 lb fresh mozzarella
1 large tomato
basil pesto sauce/spread

1) Slice loaf of bread longways in half and spread basil pesto on one side.
2) Cut mozzarella in about 2 centimeter slices and lay over pesto
3) Slice then lay tomato over mozzarella and lay arugula on top.

My boyfriend is a big meat-eater so I grilled up a thin piece of chicken cutlet and added that to his sandwich.

I hope this help you forget about fall as much as it did for me!


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