Sunday, November 1, 2009

Rainy Days Make for Lazy Days

The rain kept on coming this week and I quickly fell into the lazy rainy blues. I had no energy to cook after work so I improvised. Having just made my amazing "summer-in-the-fall-meal" of tomato/mozz sandwiches and chickpea salad, I decided to throw something together with the left overs.

I should begin by letting everyone know, I tend to over-buy items needed for recipes, hence the whole 15 bulbs of garlic thing. With that said, I obviously bought more arugula than necessary for my sandwiches. I was SO happy when I remembered this.

My meal went from reheating left-overs to creating two beautiful salads!

Salad #1: My Meal

Chopped walnuts
Pine nuts
Blue cheese
Extra virgin olive oil (evoo)
Balsamic Vinegar

1) Wash Arugula and place in bowl.
2) Toss in pine nuts, walnuts, raisins and blue cheese to taste. I kept adding ingredients until it was covered in cheese and looked pretty.
3) Pour balsamic vinegar over salad then olive oil. Personally, I like more oil than vinegar so again, this will vary based on preference.

Which ever way you decide to make this, I can promise it will taste delicious! The blend of blue cheese with the nuts and dressing is so tasty!

Salad #2: The boyfriend's meal

Romaine Lettuce
2 chicken cutlets
Summer chickpea salad (see previous post)
Extra virgin olive oil (evoo)
Balsamic Vinegar

1) Grill chicken cutlet then chop in to cubes
2) Since I had made the summer chickpea salad the night before, all I had to do was add romaine lettuce to the chickpea salad.
3) I poured on balsamic vinegar to taste and just a little olive oil since the chickpea salad already had oil.

You should definitely try both of these. Whether you're looking to add a quick side dish to a meal or cooking dinner for two, these salads are sure to be a hit!

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