Saturday, December 26, 2009

Special Project

Rather than cooking, today I did a special project with Grandma Rosie! When she got in town on Christmas, she saw my homemade fleece blanket and just had to have her own. So this morning, we set out on a fleece fabric hunt.

We came back with a very pretty piece of pink fleece and a black piece with rainbow peace signs! How cool is that?

After about an hour of cutting and tieing we were all finished. Check out the final product! She looks cute as a button!!!!! ;)

To make this blanket, follow these simple steps:
1) Purchase 2 yards of fleece in two colors or prints.
2) Lay one layer of fleece flat on the ground (preferably on a carpeted surface) and flaten. Lay second layer directly on top and flatten as well.
3) Cut 2 inch squares out of each of the four corners.
4) Cut 3 inch slits, 1 inch in width, along all four sides of the fleece.
5) Once all fabric is cut, tie double knots connecting the top and bottom layers.

These blankets are extremely warm, but not too thick! It's no snuggie, but still very comfy!

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