Sunday, July 18, 2010

Caramel Overload! (S'more Brownies - Part II)

I've been in a baking mood lately and wanted to bake for my house guests over the weekend. Of course, things came up at work during the week so I never got around to it. I was happily surprised when my boyfriend's sister, Natalie, said she'd love to bake while they were visiting.

I was given a Ghiradelli caramel triple chocolate brownie mix as a gift and have yet to use is so I thought this would be perfect. Yum! Triple chocolate caramel brownies. Best thing ever, right? NOPE! Natalie wanted S'more brownies again. Which led me to the of the absolute best thing! TRIPLE CHOCOLATE CARAMEL S'MORE BROWNIES!!! MMM mmm mm!

The caramel just oozed out of the brownie with every bite. Look how amazing it looks. (And I just had to serve it with ice cream!)

Follow same recipes as my original S'more Brownie post. When it is time to lay Hershey bars, replace with caramel filled chocolate!

Aside from tasting beyond amazing and looking great too, even prior to being done these brownies looked delish. Check out my in-oven shot! The marshmallows puff up like little chocolatey clouds of heaven! ;)

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