Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pork: The Other White Meat!

This week, I wanted to mix things up and make something other than chicken. I haven't had pork in a long time so I decided to make a roast. I've been making this for years, so it was a piece of cake. Growing up, my mother use to call me on her way home from work to have me prepare the roast for her. Her recipe has stuck with me ever since, with minor tweaks of course.

I bought my roast from Costco (yes, now I'm an avid shopper of their meat department.) What I didn't notice was that they had two small roast packaged together. I would have to guess that each roast was 3/4 of a pound so I cooked both. They turned out great and it was nice to have lunch for a few days!

Pork roast
Vegetable oil
Bread crumbs
Minced garlic
Lawry's seasoning salt, Pepper, onion powder (any other seasonings you'd like)

1) Coat pork roast in vegetable oil then coat in bread crumbs
2) Place meat in roasting pan then sprinkle on Lawry's, pepper, onion powder and any other seasons you'd like. I wish I had exact measurements for this, but this varies based on size of roast. Use your best judgment.
3) Bake on 350 degrees for 45 minutes to an hour. Again, this varies based on weight, but I always use a meat thermometer when making this dish. Pork should be cooked to 170 degrees, but it's best to take pork roast out of the oven at 165 degrees because the meat will continue to self-cook for some time after.
4) Slice into meat to verify that it has been throughly cooked, then enjoy!

I served this with mashed red potatoes with scallions and a side of asparagus. It was an GREAT meal!

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