Saturday, February 28, 2015

Restaurant Review: The Little Beet Table

The Little Beet Table is my new favorite restaurant! I came across it while scrolling through the Find Me Gluten Free app. After looking at the menu, I could not wait to try it. Apparently, it is quite the hot spot. A friend and I tried to go on a Tuesday night and couldn't get a reservation for two until 9pm. We figured we'd risk it and wait for a table and lucked out by getting a great spot at the bar.

The entire restaurant is gluten free and has so many delicious menu options. Between the two of us, we figured we'd split an entree and two appetizers. Our server recommended all three items we had in mind  so that was very reassuring. For appetizers, we settled on acorn squash with hazelnuts, honey and pecorino and the grilled beets with Greek yogurt and pumpkin seed-almond granola. For our main dish, we had the mushroom flatbread with arugula, tomatoes, mozzarella and pecorino cheese.

Acorn Squash

The acorn squash was incredible. The sweet softness of the squash mixed with the crunch of hazelnuts and tang of pecorino felt like a little party for your taste buds! I had no shame enjoying more of my share! 

Grilled Beets

Next up were the grilled beets. I loved that they used both red and golden beets. The Greek yogurt was mixed with dill that added such a freshness and of course, who wouldn't a little sweet & salty crunch with the granola? This was a wonderful light dish.

Mushroom Flatbread

To round out the meal, we had the mushroom flatbread. The crush was very thin and had the perfect crunch (crunch seems to be the theme of this meal...) We did both agree that it could have used a bit more sauce or wetness though. The mushrooms, cheese and tomatoes paired with the crunchy crust left us wanting something a little juicy. 

Just when we thought we were finished, we decided to check out the dessert menu. Big mistake!! Mistake, in that we wanted all three of their menu items. :) Our server recommended the roasted apples with vanilla-walnut haroseth and battenkill cream. OH MY GOOOODDDD.... it was AMAZING! Everything you could ever want in an apple pie in a perfect little bowl topped with creamy, caramel goodness. Every bite was Heaven. 

Roasted Apples

If this hasn't sold you on checking out The Little Beet Table, I don't know what to tell you. It's got me thinking about the next time I can get back!

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