Monday, February 16, 2015

Cooking Makes me Happy!

There, I said it. Cooking makes me happy! It always has and I am sure (on most days) it always will. What doesn't make me happy? My time management skills. When I'm not at home whipping up something delicious, you can find me tasting my way around one of the many amazing restaurants in the city. The biggest problem I have is finding time to post about what I've cooked or tasted along the way. The more time goes by, the more backlogged my posts become; the more backlogged I am the more overwhelmed I get with "catching up." Then I get frustrated and avoid posting for long periods of time ( say, since last March!) :(

Over the last few weeks I've thought about my life: What makes me happy? What stresses me out? What do I want to spend my time doing? What do I want to let go of? All of these thoughts came to me while reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. Rubin set out to write this book to discover what things in her life can make her more happier than she already is. It wasn't that she was unhappy or depressed, but more about how can she make small changes in her life to make her days even better. It really got me thinking... what does that for me? For so long this blog did and I let so many other things in my life get in the way. Not any more.

Enjoying what I cook or order then writing about it will only extend those little moments of happiness. How can that be so bad? Rather than getting worked up and trying to "catch up" on posts, I'm blogging at my leisure. So don't be surprised if you see 8 posts one week then don't hear from my for a week or two. I'm excited to get back into this! More yummy food to come! Stay tuned...

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